Jess & Chris Nicholson are Married!!

On August 31st we travelled to Sundara in Boones Mill, VA for Jess and Chris’ wedding. It was a gorgeous Friday and I couldn’t think of a better way to end the week! Jess and Chris are so perfect for each other! They share the same values and work hard bring light and positivity to everyone in their lives. This was so clear as we met their friends and family. What a wonderful group of people!

The ceremony was in the Quaker style and guests were encouraged to share stories and give thoughts and wishes to the couple. It was so wonderful to hear all of the people share why they love Jess and Chris so much and how happy they are for them.

The reception was a great time as well. Awesome music and amazing food prepared by the couple and their amazing friends. From beginning to end this was a perfect event. We were so happy that we were asked to be a part of it.