Addi + Sadie Tea Party | Blacksburg Family Photographer

What fun these girls are!

Sadie and her cousin, Addi, had a tea party at the Hahn Horticulture Gardens at Virginia Tech recently! I loved how well Sadie’s grandmother (Addi’s aunt), Bobbi Jo, put together this session! “A Breakfast at Tiffany’s” theme with some fun for the girls! And let me tell you, it was fun!

Addi and Sadie come from a “large, loving, and totally blessed” family, according to Bobbi Jo. These girls were the sweetest and it was so clear how loved they are.

Sadie and Addi’s families are very close and they get together every chance they possibly can. They call the five youngest kids “The Littles” and they are doted on and adored by all! Especially by their 90-year-old great-grandfather!

The girls love to play on their great-grandparents’ horse farm in Wythe County where they have total freedom to run and be wild. Both girls love animals so it is their paradise! Addi and Sadie also love to play dress up together and have tea parties. They love makeup and fancy shoes! Addi particularly loves to wear high heels which calls “click-clacks”!! This summer has also allowed for lots of fun in the kiddie pool!

Bobbi Jo shared with me a beautiful description of each of the girls. She shared: “Addi is daring, fearless, and full of energy – nonstop. She is always covered in scrapes and bruises from her wild adventures, but they never seem to slow her down.”

“Sadie Rose is more reserved and watchful than Addi, but when she is with Addi turns into a “monkey-see, monkey-do”. And Addi may think she is the boss, but Sadie has just enough of the Burnett stubborn streak to stand her ground with her big cousin.”

I hope you can tell how much fun this session was! I loved every minute of my time with these little ladies!

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