Anna | Blacksburg High School Senior Photographer

Anna | Blacksburg High School Senior Photographer

What a great session this was! I got to meet Anna on her turf! Downtown Roanoke where she performs and rehearses! Too cool!

“Musical, Ambitious, Loyal” are the three words Anna uses to describe herself. It certainly seemed true as I got to know her during our session. What a neat young lady she is and so super talented! I realized after our session that I have actually seen her perform! Anna was Jasmin in the Blacksburg High School’s production of Aladdin. She was phenomenal! Really, really remarkable!

Anna is super involved in all things performance based. She is a member of the Blacksburg High School Madrigal Choir, the Blacksburg High School Theatre, the Tri-M Music Honor Society, and to round out her awesomeness, the Habitat for Humanity Club President.

When she’s not performing or helping others through activities with the Habitat for Humanity Club, Ann likes to go to the Mill Mountain Theatre Conservatory, volunteer at the Children’s Hospital as a princess, and go horesback riding. Fun!

In school Anna really enjoys history and English. She is in the process of applying to colleges but has made any decisions as of yet. She does know that she wants to major in Musical Theatre, Vocal Performance, or Acting. Super cool!

Some of Anna’s favorite things are cappuccinos (all kinds!), hedgehogs, dogs and horses. She likes music – any kind, but especially Broadway or anything on her Spotify Daily Mix. Anna’s favorite TV shows are Sherlock, Criminal Minds, and Food Network. Her favorite Movie are the Pirates of the Caribbean Franchise “minus the 4th one :)”. One accomplishment she is super proud of (for good reason!) was when she placed first in the Shelor Motor Mile Growing the Future Talent Show Finale. Wow!!


Blackburg High School Senior Photographer

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