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Baby Ben!

Oh my goodness was I every excited when I received an email from Jennifer that she’d like me to come and take photos of her new little boy!

I first met Jennifer and Eric when I photographed them for their engagement session and then later for their wedding. They are two people that are the epitome of why I love my job. I get to help them document these beautiful moments in their lives and there are not two more beautiful people – inside and out!

Benjamin Lewis was born on Easter Sunday at 7:21am. He weighed 6lbs, 5oz and was 19.5 inches of pure perfection!

Jennifer shared her birth story with me. She shared, “We had a scheduled induction date on Friday, 4/2 and were totally prepared to walk out the door when we learned that the hospital was too busy for us to come. It was a very long day of waiting only to find out that our “appointment” would have to be scheduled 10 days later (past the original due date)! Because it was late Friday afternoon, we would have to wait through the weekend to speak with our doctor. Needless to say, it was an emotional roller coaster into Saturday morning. Luckily our doctor called and straightened out the confusion and we were able to go to the hospital on Saturday. Once we were there, we received wonderful care from the nursing staff. Most of labor was low key. Eric and I played cards to pass the time. Once active labor began things moved quickly, so quickly that Ben was born before the doctors could respond to the nurse’s page!” Wow! Beautiful story!

Now that they are parents, their worlds have changed forever. Jennifer shared how she felt when she first met her little Ben. “I was definitely in a bit of a daze after the shock of a natural delivery, but we felt relief that Ben was finally here (along with a bit of overwhelmed)!”

Ben has brought them some beautiful moments and new experiences as they navigate the beginning of their beautiful lives together. She shared, “We have definitely been enamored with Ben – spending hours staring at him, watching his many facial expressions and listening to all his baby noises, but I’m most excited for being able to interact, play, and explore the world together once he is a bit older.”

Jennifer shared that “the first two weeks were a bit of a blur. Ben made it as easy as possible to care for a newborn. He was easy to soothe, and slept for several hours at a time. Meeting his needs has become a bit more unpredictable and challenging since then; however, we’ve had awesome support from friends and family which has helped a lot!” How wonderful is that??!!!!

“Ben is generally very patient, but once he has reached his limit, he will let you know! He is most comfortable in someone’s arms and does not like when diaper changes get in the way of eating! Initially, Ben was not a fan of baths but he seems to be coming around!” Jennifer shared. When I was there he was so calm and happy! He must already know how much he is loved!!!

Okay! I bet you’d like more photos!!! 

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