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Introducing baby Emmett!!

I am so excited to tell you that Milo is a BIG BROTHER!!!

I first met Chris and Kelly when they were expecting Milo! Fast forward a couple of years and many sessions, and I get to introduce you to this cutie pie!

Emmet Blade was born on May 28th at 6:37am. He weighed 7 pounds and 2 ounces and was 19.5 inches. He has the most adorable dimples and shows them off when he has dreams that make him smile!

Kelly shared with me the story of Emmett’s arrival. She shared, “I was scheduled for an induction at 6 AM on the 28th, but Emmett decided he didn’t want to wait quite that long. I ended up at the birthing center in labor at 2 AM! After several weeks of contractions (many of which were painful and regular but didn’t result in a baby!), labor and delivery was quite smooth and easy, especially compared to our experience with Emmett’s brother Milo’s birth. While I did still get an epidural, I was much less numb than with Milo, so I was actually able to feel what was happening as Emmett was born. I felt much more aware and involved during his delivery and even got to help pull him out at the very end.”

Now that Emmett is home Chris and Kelly are so happy and relieved that he had arrived safely and without any complications! They are loving their family of four!

Chris and Kelly are so excited to see the relationship grow between Milo and Emmett! They told me the thing they are most excited about is their excitement to, “see his interactions with his brother as he gets older!”

Kelly and Chris shared, “having a two year old and a newborn has been an adjustment, but so far the divide and conquer strategy is working fairly well. It’s been really fun watching Milo interact with Emmett. He often comes up to him and says “Hi, Emmett!” or kisses him on the head. He also likes to touch Emmett’s soft hair. We are still working on being gentle when Milo is playing with his toys near Emmett, but it seems like he’s going to be a great big brother!” No doubt!

Kelly went on to share that Emmett has been “pretty sleepy so far, so much of his personality has yet to be revealed. We have learned that he is not a huge fan of dirty diapers! Emmett has been very tolerant of Milo “playing” with him by driving cars and monorails on his head. We’re hoping he stays laid back and continues to sleep through all of the noise that Milo will inevitably make!”

This little guy is something special, indeed!

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