Baby Joshua | Blacksburg Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Introducing baby Joshua!!

I recently had the privilege of meeting little Joshua!! Meredith and Kenneth welcomed their beautiful baby boy on May 25th at 10:03am. He weighed 8 pounds, seven ounces, and was 21 inches long!

Meredith has a great story of Joshua’s birth! “We had bought tickets for the 3 of us and our Moms to go see Josh Turner the day before Josh came. I had been saying all along that I hoped I went into labor at the concert because my Mom would already be in town and it would make a funny memory. Sure enough labor started on the way to the concert (we all still were able to have a great time) and the next morning after 9 minutes of pushing Joshua was here.”

When Meredith first saw Joshua she said, “he’s so tiny!” She told me that the nurses looked at her like she was crazy because 8’7″ is definitely not tiny! The OB then said, “well, yeah, compared to 9’9″ (his big brother’s birth weight) he is!”

Joshua has a big brother that is loving having him in the house! Caleb likes to get Josh’s “piggies.” Being a big brother has a learning curve to it, but he’s doing great! I adored my time with Caleb! Such a cool kiddo!

Now that they are all home and getting to learn the new normal as family of four, they are settling in. Meredith shared that Joshua “is such a chill baby most of the time (when he’s not, watch out). His favorite place to be is on Mommy or Daddy’s chest and he likes being up in his lounger chair in the kitchen so he can see what’s going on, especially if his big brother is there talking to him. He loves bath time and being outside.”

Kenneth and Meredith are such awesome parents. I hope you can tell from the photos how wonderful this sweet little family is!