Baby Maddox | Floyd Newborn Photographer

Introducing Baby Maddox!

Logan and Morgan welcomed their sweet baby boy, Maddox Aaron on February 5th! This little man was all about punctuality! That was actually his due date!

Maddox was born at 12:15am and weighed 9 pounds, 2 ounces. He was 22 inches long. Absolute perfection!

Claire and Lydia were so excited to meet their little brother! They are the BEST big sisters and are going to read lots of books to their little brother!

Morgan describes her family as, “wild, loving, and fun.” I adore those descriptors! I also adore this family! I had the pleasure of first meeting Morgan when I photographed Claire as a newborn! A couple of years later I got to meet Miss Lydia when she was born too! Now I had the honor of meeting and photographing Maddox. Not only is it a pleasure to work with this family, I get the treat of seeing how big these adorable sisters have become! This is the best bunch ever!

I asked Morgan to tell me how she felt the first time she saw Maddox. Morgan shared, “I felt so blessed to meet our little boy. The love that swells up for a new child is the most beautiful feeling!! I was also more than a little relieved that the birthing process was over.” Wow!

Morgan went on to tell me, “I’m excited to be the mom of a little boy. I’ve heard from so many moms how the love between a mother and son is different from that of daughters. It just feels new and different right now. Also, little boy clothes are so cute!”

Now that they are home and enjoying family time, Morgan and Logan are enjoying their growing family. Morgan explained, “we’re settling into a routine as a family of five! I love watching Claire and Lydia bond with Maddox and jump in to take care him. They’re going to be his biggest protectors as he gets older! Maddox is also an excellent snuggler. Is there anything better than having a newborn napping on you? Maddox is SO easy going. His favorite pastimes include nursing and napping. He’s most alert in the early evening and enjoys watching daddy, his sisters, and the dogs.” What a perfect addition to a perfect family!

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