Baby Riley | Blacksburg Newborn Lifestyle Photography

Baby Riley | Blacksburg Newborn Lifestyle Photography

I was so excited to get the call from Liz that little Riley was here!

I just love this family! I first had the honor of photographing Liz and Mike when they were pregnant with their first child together, Reagan. You can see the maternity session here and the adorable Reagan’s newborn session here!

We got together for a family/maternity session a few weeks ago at Nesselrod. It was great to see them all again and enjoy watching how much Reagan has grown! Check that session out here. They are a perfect family!! I just loved working with them all.

When little Riley joined the crew I was super excited to go and visit them at their home for the newborn lifestyle session! I got to see their new place in Riner and love on these two awesome girls. When I rang the doorbell I could hear little Reagan yelling, “Corey is here! Corey is here!” I just loved that!

Riley joined the family on April 24 at 4:27am. She weighed 6 pounds and 13 ounces. She was 19.5 inches and 100% adorable! Riley had a head full of hair just like Reagan and was a perfect and healthy little lady!

Reagan was a little apprehensive at first of this new person in her family but quickly warmed up. By the second day she began referring to Riley as “my baby” and has called her that ever since! As a matter of fact that is how she introduced Riley to me when I met her! Adorable!

It was a fun session from beginning to end and this is an awesome bunch to work with. I even got to photograph Reagan’s baby while mommy and daddy were changing Riley in the other room. We just had to pose Reagan’s baby the same way we were doing Riley!

Okay! Enough from me! The photos!!!!