Caroline + Phil | Omni Homestead Wedding Photographer | Virginia

Caroline and Phil are married!!

I had a wonderful time meeting up with Caroline and Phil for their wedding at The Omni Homestead Resort in White Sulphur Springs, Virginia.

It was a gorgeous day for these two to celebrate their love in front of their immediate family. The day was perfection and so much fun to be a part of!

Phil and Caroline met online on the Bumble app. Caroline had just moved to Winston-Salem, North Carolina for work. She originally joined Bumble to make friends since she only knew one person in the triad. She decided to give the app’s dating option a try and met Phil! They had their first date in Greensboro at a little restaurant downtown that a friend of Phil’s owned. Caroline shared that what was supposed to be a a meet up for drinks and an appetizer turned into three hours of talking, another bar, another drink, more talking, and by 2am she finally told him that she needed to go home!

As a couple they enjoy being active together. Phil has taught Caroline to play golf, which is something they really enjoy doing together. They also enjoy traveling to the mountains, the lake, and the beach throughout the year. They especially like taking their dog, Snoop, along for the journeys! In addition to travel, Caroline and Phil enjoy trying out new foods and new restaurants wherever they go.

Phil asked Caroline to marry her on St. Patrick’s Day. Caroline said it was after what she describes as “a series of self sabotages.” Caroline went on to explain. “Phil tried to plan romantic ways to propose. He attempted to plan a mountain weekend and I did not want to go. We play golf together and he tried to get me to plan a golf outing and I did not want to go. Even a plan to take me back to the original restaurant where we first met failed. So instead on a Friday night when I got home an hour late, he was waiting with Green champagne and our dog with a green pouch tied around his neck. It was confusing and goofy, and very much him. Of course, I said yes, and got the story of all the ways I could’ve been proposed to afterwards.”

After their marriage they were most excited about their honeymoon. They had a dream vacation to Italy and told me about it afterwards. They traveled from Florence to the cost in Positano and on to Rome. They saw amazingly beautiful locations and enjoyed the most delicious food throughout their trip. Now that they are back from their trip they are settling into the new home they purchased together. They are excited about the projects they are going to do together to make their house their own special space.

One of my favorite things to ask couples is to describe each other. Caroline described Phil as having “the best attitude towards life. He is one of the most positive people I know.”

Phil described Caroline as “the smartest person I have ever met other than me. She’s also a really great cook.”

I hope you can tell from the photos what a wonderful day this was to be a part of! This is one perfect couple!

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