Claire + Will | Blacksburg Engagement Photographer | Heritage Park

Claire and Will are getting married!

I had a wonderful time walking around and getting to know Claire and Will during their recent engagement session at Heritage Park in Blacksburg, Virginia.

This is not my first time meeting Claire, however. I had the great fortune of doing her high school senior portraits! It has been a while and she has grown into one awesome young woman!

Claire and Will met in high school but had only spoken to each other a few times. Claire went on to Virginia Tech and Will went to school in Charlottesville. While a school, they both joined a DnD group through a mutual friend. They quickly became really close friends and about a year and a half they started dating!

Will and Claire enjoy many of the same things. They like to play DnD, go hiking, go on walks, work out, reading the same books, and watching shows together. Claire shared, “we really just enjoy spending time with one another and talking to each other. After all, we are pretty much best friends.” How sweet!!!

Claire shared with me how Will asked her to marry her and it is an awesome story! “Will “popped” the question by setting up a very elaborate scavenger hunt around Blacksburg. He lead me to believe that he was going to propose the following week while we were at the beach. The week before a friend of ours told us he was thinking about doing a scavenger hunt competition to commemorate our friend group coming together. There were 22 clues. By the 20th clue, I started to get suspicious that maybe the hunt wasn’t quite what our friend had explained it to be. Each of the clues went to a significant location around town and the final one went to Heritage Park where we had one of our first dates. As our friend presented the (fake) prize, Will was pulling the ring out of his pocket.” Isn’t that the sweetest story you’ve ever heard?? I love it!

Now that they are engaged they are enjoying the wedding planning and looking forward to the big day! They will also be closer together once they get to move in together after the wedding!

Claire shared with me that Will is “really fun to talk to, he can match my energy, go out with me to do stuff, and ask for ketchup at the restaurant because I won’t.” A perfect match!

Will shared that Claire is “really smart, like really, really, smart. She makes me feel amazed by the world in how it all works through her engineering mind.” Ahhh!

I cannot wait for their wedding!

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