Cunningham Family | Virginia Family Photographer

Cunningham Family | Virginia Family Photographer

I think this might be one of my favorite group of people ever. I adore each and every one of them!


I first met Amanda, Jeremy, Jonah, and Beyla about 7 or so years ago. We met through a mutual (and awesome!) friend. I instantly liked them. What a down to earth, full of love, fun, and kind bunch they are. I have photographed them a couple of times before.

Jonah is super active. He loves to play baseball the most. Jeremy (a.k.a. “dad”!) coaches and plays baseball too! The guys also “live” to hunt and fish! Very much a couple of outdoor guys!

Beyla loves to play soccer and she is on the archery team at school! She is super proud of that for good reason! How cool!

Amanda, besides being a super mom, stays busy working and making goodies for her side business, Wren & Hide-genuine leather jewelry and accessories.You can see more about that here: Wren & Hide

As a family they enjoy crossfit and spending time outdoors. They pretty much stay active and busy 24/7!

Amanda described her two cuties to me. She said, “Jonah is an old soul with a heart of gold and Beyla is wise beyond her years and loves to spend time helping animals.” Now isn’t that just about the best kind of kids to have? I’d say so!

Okay! I think you’ve heard enough from me! How about more photos??!!!!