Emily | Blacksburg High School Senior Photographer


Emily is a senior at Blacksburg High School in Blacksburg, Virginia. She describes herself as “creative, inquisitive, and a little bit shy.” I have to say after getting to know her during her session, she’s a pretty awesome young woman!!

We met for Emily’s session at their Claytor Lake home. It was a gorgeous evening and the lake was so beautiful to explore.

Emily loves studying art, Spanish, Chinese, and literature. She is also a member of the Blacksburg High School varsity girls lacrosse team!

When Emily is not at school or lacrosse practice, she enjoys hanging out with her dog and learning new creative skills. She also enjoys driving around with friends, being outside, and boating out on Claytor Lake. 

I asked Emily to tell me about her favorite movie and she gave me pretty much the best response I have gotten to date. She said, “I really love the movie Troll 2 because the production quality is so low and the plot is absolute trash which makes it one of the funniest movies in existence, unintentionally. Any horror movie that sucks will be a big hit with me.”  Hahahaha!! I love that! What a cool kid! Emily also told me that her favorite bands right now are the Black Keys, Highly Suspect, and cleopatrick.

Emily plans to major in International Studies at the University of Mississippi next year. She has a knack for languages and hopes to bring that into her studies too. This young lady is going places!

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