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The Fuller/Montgomery Family!!

I had a great time meeting this awesome bunch! Mark and Karen have a beautiful family. Stacey, Lisa, and Kellie came along with their families as well to make this a super fun session!

Fun, silly, and creative is how you’d describe this family. You could also add “loving” because this family clearly loves each other.

Everyone embraced the opportunity to come together for some family photos. They are all scattered about the country. Stacey and her husband, Xavier, live in San Francisco. Lisa and her sweet Lola (the adorable dog!) live in Nashville, and Kellie and her family live here in Virginia. Mark and Karen live in Floyd where the girls all grew up together.

When they all get together they enjoy many activities. They love nature and just hanging out on the porch chatting. They also love to take bike rides with dad.

Mark and Karen are two of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet. Mark is a magician and “excellent joke teller” according to the girls!! Also, according to the girls, Karen’s nickname is “crazy little mother” and she can always be found wearing tie die and feathers in her hair!

Stacey and Xavier are a sweet couple. Stacey loves cats, wine, and traveling. Xavier is from Australia and “talks funny” according to Stacey! He is super sweet and I loved how much both of them were always smiling! So sweet!

Kellie (a.k.a. “Nutter”) is a nurse, efficient, and always “on top of things.” Her husband, Devin, is a farmer and can build anything from scratch! What a skill! Their kiddos, are Caleb and Madison. Caleb is always running all over their farm and they call him a “free range child.” Madison is “sassy and spunky.” They were adorable!

Lisa was described to me as “loving pink, Taylor Swift, and is a little bit hippy.” She also adores her sweet dog, Lola. I have to say that Lola also adores Lisa. That sweet pooch wouldn’t let her out if her sight! Adorable!

I hope you can tell from the photos how much fun I had at this session!

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