James | Blacksburg High School Senior Portrait Photographer

James is a senior!!!

I recently met up with James for his high school senior portrait session in Blacksburg. We met at a spot in the mountains for his session! Such a beautiful area!

James is a senior at Blacksburg High School and will be graduating early this December. He describes himself as “witty, creative, and strong-willed.” He definitely are those things! I taught James when he was a seventh grader and he had that witty sense of humor even back then! I love it!

Science, specifically when it focuses on the environment, is James’ favorite topic to study in school. He played Varsity Lacrosse for BHS for 3 years. James has a job working at a local vet clinic and he enjoys being outdoors as much as possible.

When James isn’t at school working you will probably find him outdoors exploring. He tries to do that as much as possible. This spot where we did his session is a favorite of his to explore. James also enjoys going out to see local house shows by local bands in the area.

James favorite bands are Mac Miller, Bone Machine, Phish, Drook, Sam Bush, and Vundabar. He also enjoys shows such as Brooklyn 9-9, Avatar the Last Airbender, One Piece, and the Amazing Race.

Now that James is looking to being done with high school, he plans to take some time to travel and work. He has a job lined up already and is ready to go!

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