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The Jones Family!!!

I recently had the pleasure of photographing this sweet family again at The Meadows in Blacksburg, Virginia.

Matt and Jaime have two of the sweetest girls, Sydney and Robin! They describe their family as “outdoorsy, silly, and tight-knit.” They are so much fun and you can tell how close they are!

As a family they enjoy playing in streams, creek walking, hiking, painting, making fires in the firepit, hammock-ing, throwing frisbee, living room dance parties, and the girls love to ride bikes while mom and dad walk/run alongside! I told you this was a fun family!!!

Each of these family members also have their own individual hobbies as well as the many they do together as a group. Sydney enjoys ballet and Robin likes to play soccer. Jaime loves riding horses while Matt loves riding bikes and is a Virginia Tech sports fan. Jaime and Matt both enjoy music and often play guitar and drums together at their church.

Jaime shared with me that Robin has a fun, adventurous, independent spirit. She was so much fun during our session!

She went on to share that Sydney is creative, tenderhearted, and thoughtful. Sydney really is a sweetheart. No question about it!

As a pair these to might just take over the world!

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