Jones | Mountain Family Photographer | Giles County

What an awesome family this was to work with!

I met Jaime and Matt with their two adorable girls recently at a nature study site near Mountain Lake in Pembroke, Virginia.

Jaime and Matt have two girls. Sydney is a smart 4 year old who is quite the explorer! Robin is one year old and ready to go!

Jaime describes her family as “unique, loving, and adventurous.” What a great way to describe this bunch. They certainly fit that description!

As a family the Jones love to go hiking, swimming, play in streams, and canoeing in the pond They also love to picnic, swing in hammocks, read and tell stories together, play music and make up songs. The Joneses also love to just spend a lot of time outdoors exploring and finding critters like frogs, newts, worms, etc. When they are at home they love to plant wildflowers and feed and watch birds. Jaime and the girls love to have “ridiculous dance parties.” As a family the also love to be in the kitchen cooking up delicious vegetarian food.

Matt and Jaime chose this spot for their family session because mountains are their second home. Jaime told me, “It’s such a wonderful place for our girls to be, surrounded by forestland with plenty of space to explore, learn, imagine, and marvel at the natural world around them.”

I asked Jaime to describe each of her family members and this is what she shared. Jaime said, “Robin is an adventurous baby who’s constantly on the move and is eager to see, touch, feel, and play with anything she can get her little hands on.”

“Sydney is inquisitive, creative, and outgoing – always ready to make a new friend and teach them everything she knows!”

“Matt is a fun, goofy dad, and he loves being silly with his daughters (whom he loves with his whole heart).”

Jaime went on to describe herself as “cherishing this wonderful stage of life when the girls love to be with me to laugh, learn, snuggle, and play.” Oh and let me tell you… these girls ADORE their momma!

We ended our session with a little smash cake to celebrate Robin’s recent first birthday! What a fun moment to capture!

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