Langston | Blacksburg Family Photographer | Hahn Gardens

Such an adorable family!!!

I recently met up with Brett and Beverly for their family session at Hahn Garden on the Virginia Tech Campus. Brett and Beverly have two of the most adorable girls, Baylor and Bryxlynn!

The weather was absolute perfection for a session at Hahn. The plants were in bloom too! This location is just gorgeous!

Beverly describes her family as, “resilient, amusing, and compelling.” They are also kind, fun, and so loving! It was so much fun being with them!

They enjoy spending time together doing many different activities. They love their family dance parties, “eating their weight in cheese dip!,” daddy’s Sunday brunch, all things Christmas, and “picking fun over a good ol’ family football rivalry (OU Sooners & Arkansas Razorbacks).

Beverly is such an awesome mom. She describes herself as a “Starbucks drinking, minivan driving, PTA, Pinterest mom.” She works to emphasize a life of passion and charm and is formidable. She is her family’s base and the girls (and Brett!) adore her!

I asked Beverly to describe her family one by one. She started with Brett: “Brett is a fun-loving girl daddy! Brett gives off the euphoria you experience whenever you are first falling in love. He’s the kind of man that his actions align with his words. His daughters are his biggest fans.”

“Baylor is our ‘Survivor’. Baylor was born 4 months premature, 1pound 4ozs, resulting in Cerebral Palsy and multiple other diagnoses. Despite, she continues to surprise us and we celebrate her every success. Does the impossible everyday because she has been through the unimaginable. She’s indestructible; the purest sweet soul.”

“Bryxlynn, our little ray of sunshine. Forever sassy and silly. She is the spirit of joy with an abundance of excitement, happiness, and fun. Definition of her sister’s keeper.”

Beverly went on to tell me that as a family, they “choose each other everyday. We are here to catch one another should we ever fall from Grace.” 

I hope you can see in these photos what a loving, sweet family this is! I enjoyed every minute of their session!

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