Laughley | Blacksburg Family Photographer | VT Duck Pond

The Laughey family!!

I had a great with with Brian, Ashlee, and their two adorable kiddos, Claire and Albert (aka “Tripp!”)

We met on a gorgeous evening at the Virginia Tech Duck Pond in Blacksburg, Virginia. What a beautiful spot to capture the colors of Blacksburg in the fall! It was gorgeous!

Ashlee describes her family as “fun, outgoing, and happy!” Those are three awesome adjectives for such a sweet family! They definitely are all of those things!

As a family, they enjoy spending time together outside. The love to play in their backyard in the evenings and go on walks with the kids in the wagon. The also love listening to music and dancing!

Brian and Ashlee chose the Duck Pond for their session because Claire loves ducks and Tripp loves to explore! I think it paid off! They were so happy to check everything out!

Ashlee shared with me some sweet details about each of her kids.  She shared,  “Claire is a sassy and opinionated 2 year old… but she can be very silly too!”

“Tripp is content, happy, and laid back. He loves to eat and follow around big Sis and Maggie (our dog).”

This was such a fun session with such a great family!

More photos!!