Matthew | Blacksburg High School Senior Photographer

Matthew | Blacksburg High School Senior Photographer

I had another one of those sessions that I love to write about! I got to see one of my old 7th graders all grown up and ready to take on the world!!!

Meet Matthew! Matthew is a senior at Blacksburg High School and just as sweet as I remember him being so many years ago! Oh that smile!!

Matthew would describe himself as “quiet, humble, and hardworking.” I think those descriptions do fit the young man I had the pleasure of hanging out with for an hour on a beautiful fall day! We did talk about the things that interest him and how life has changed for him since middle school. I enjoyed every minute of it!

Matthew loves football and plays for Blacksburg High School. He plays in different positions but did mention that center is the most often. The BHS Bruins had a great season too! They won so many games that we had to actually postpone Matthew’s original session because he refused to cut his hair or beard! When you’re on a winning streak like that you do what you have to do! Ha!

When Matthew is not at school he does love hunting, fishing, and playing on his Playstation. He also is a HUGE Tennessee Vols fan! He even represented during his session!

While there is no definite plan as of yet, Matthew is considering going to New River Community College after high school. He hopes to then transfer over to Virginia Tech and major in something along the lines of Forestry. What a great plan!

I am so glad you stuck around to read all about this awesome young man! Now I bet you’d like some more photos!

Blacksburg High School Senior Photographer