Nicole + Grant | Blacksburg Couples Photographer

Nicole and Grant are the sweetest!

Grant and Nicole met their freshman year of college. They were both attending Longwood University and met right before the last two weeks of classes and finals. Soon after meeting, Grant transferred to Virginia Tech while Nicole stayed at Longwood.

Having a long distance relationship can be hard. Nicole and Grant not only attended different universities, but they also have different home states for when not at school. Grant is from Maryland and Nicole is a Virginia native. Nicole shared, “Being in a long distance relationship has been hard at times but it has made us feel like we have a strong relationship.” How wonderful that this is making them grow stronger!

This distance is helping them prepare for Grant’s next move. He plans to join the service and become an officer after college. That will require him to move away for longer periods of time. They are prepared for this!!

Nicole gave Grant this session as his Christmas present! We met at the Falls Ridge Nature Preserve on a cold but beautiful January day. This is such a beautiful spot with hills, caves, a stream, and even waterfalls! We enjoyed walking around and checking out the scenery while they told me all about themselves!

Grant and Nicole will have been together for three years this April. Nicole told me, “We love to cook together, watch shows , be active, do school work together because it seems like school work is always something we have to do, but most importantly just enjoy being with each other while we have the chance to spend time together.” How sweet is that?!!

They really are so sweet together. Nicole told me that “is very caring and always makes sure that I am doing okay. He always is there for me and lets me know that I am loved. He lets me know that I have someone that is there for me no matter what.” Pure sweetness.

Besides being an awesome couple, these two have some pretty awesome accomplishments in their own right. Nicole is a Psychology major in her last year at Longwood University. She is minoring in Neuroscience and hopes to become a clinical psychologist or a mental health therapist. Grant is a senior at Virginia Tech and is a majoring in National Security and Foreign Affairs. He hopes to become an officer in the Navy when he graduates in the spring. What an accomplished duo!

Okay! Enough from me! How about more photos??

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