The Artrips | Blacksburg Family Photographer

I adore this family!!!

Kellie is one of the nicest people I have ever met. I am not even exaggerating! I first met her and Adam when we did a family session. At that time Olivia was only 6 months old! Look at her now! Now the Artrip clan has grown and Liv has a little brother, Elijah, who is already 6 months old himself! Time certainly flies!

“Loud, fun, and loving” are the words Kellie uses to describe her family. They love to go for walks together, go to the park, watch movies, and travel to new places. As long as they are together they are as happy as can be!

Knowing how much I adore this family, it is not going to be a surprise to you to hear that Liv is one of my most favorite little ladies. She is so much fun to photograph. Her spirit is so spunky and I love the way she chats away with me as we walk around. She even held my hand! By the end of the session Liv was directing photos for me! She’s a natural! Kellie told me that she is “an independent mix of sweet and sassy.” I love that!

Eli is coming into his own little personality too! He is patient and so mild tempered. I didn’t see him fuss a single time! Kellie described him as a “laid back happy soul that loves everyone.” Well, that was certainly the little guy I got to photograph!

Adam is such a sweet father too. According to Kellie he is the “family jokester that always keeps them laughing.” I can totally see that! No wonder they are all so happy with a daddy that is silly and makes them giggle!

Kellie is an absolutely fantastic momma. She is patient and doting on her babies. She adores her family and it shows with how she interacts with them. There is no mother that loves her family more. That is for certain. These kids (and Adam!) know what it feels like to have someone 100% in their corner. That is absolutely awesome.

Okay! Enough words! How about more photos??!!!

More Photos!!