Tiffany + Adam | Blacksburg Wedding Photographer

Tiffany + Adam | Blacksburg Wedding Photographer

What a great time this session was!

I was so excited when Tiffany asked if her girls could join she and Adam’s engagement session! I loved the idea of making this session about more than simply Tiffany & Adam. They are a family and this celebration was about celebrating that!

How They Met

Tiffany told me that she and Adam had their first date at 7am for breakfast at Denny’s. Tiffany went on to tell me, “I had just got off working night shift and Adam agreed to drive an hour all the way from Newport at 7am on a Saturday to meet since I had limited time to go on dates being a single mom. I thought he was funny, but I was half asleep so we just ate and went our separate ways. After I went home and got some sleep I could not stop thinking about him. I asked him to go on a second date and we have been together ever since!”

The Proposal

Adam popped the question the day before Tiffany’s birthday this year. At that point they had been together for two and a half years. Tiffany told me, “My family (parents and siblings) were in town for my birthday so they got to be there for the proposal. He had a beautiful cake made that had a jewelry box designed into it and my ring was in the box on the cake and the cake said will you marry me. The cake was too special to eat so now we just have it frozen and do not know what to do with it!”

Their Life Together

Tiffany and Adam like to spend most of their time together with the girls. According to Tiffany, Adam has stepped in and been an amazing father figure in their life. “They love him so much and are so excited for us to “become a family” by getting married. We spend a lot of time laughing and snuggling. We try to make our home as happy and peaceful as possible and Adam really makes that easy. He is calm and patient. His work is really stressful, but he never brings that stress home. He has really been the most amazing addition to our little family and I feel so so grateful to have met him,” Tiffany told me. Isn’t that wonderful??!!!

The thing that makes Tiffany the most excited about being engaged is that she can now give her girls the family they have been wanting. She told me that “they already have it, but I think they feel like it is somewhat not a definite and permanent situation unless we are actually married. I am also excited just to be able to call Adam my husband. He is hands down the best man I have ever met in my life by far. He is just amazing and being his wife will be something I am extremely grateful for.”

Adam told described Tiffany to me. He said, “the most awesome thing about Tiffany is the way she takes care of the girls and me no matter how tired or busy she is.”

Tiffany describes the most awesome thing about Adam as, “the way he has stepped into the father role with the girls with the highest level of love and patience. Adam is calm and understanding. He went from a 32 year old bachelor with zero experience with small kids to the most loving, kind and reliable man that they have in their lives. He puts them first and treats them like his own children.”

And how about those girls?? I INSTANTLY fell in love with them myself! No wonder Adam loves these girls so much! Isabelle and Bianca are two adorable ladies with the strong and awesome personalities! I am excited that I get to see them again!

Okay! Enough from me!

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Tiffany + Adam | Blacksburg Wedding Photographer