Wright | Blacksburg Family Photographer

The Wright Family!!

I recently met up with the Wright family at their home in Blacksburg, Virginia. It was a gorgeous fall day and we took advantage of the leaves!

Heather has three adorable kids: Hailey, James, and Matthew. They were so sweet and fun to photograph! I had a blast!

Hailey described her family for me. She said they are “fun, motivational, and loyal.” Wow! What a great way to describe your family!

The Wrights are such a tight knit family and really enjoy spending time together. They love to jump in leaves, participate in all kinds of sports, get surprise presents from each other, and go bike riding.

As a family they also enjoy just hanging out together. They love to eat and talk about their day. Heather told me they call it their “yucks and yays”! They also love to play games, watch movies, and travel. 

Heather shared some details about each of her kids with me. She told me, “Hailey, is the spunky outgoing one. She is our morning person who always finds the silver lining in life!”

“James is one caring guy!  He loves to play tricks on us, but always loyal!”

“Matthew is our wild spirit. He was a baby for about 5 minutes but as he will tell you “Matthew James Wright” is always ready to go at a moments notice and join in!”

I had an absolute blast with this crew! What a great family the Wrights are!!!

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