Abi + Ethan | Blacksburg Engagement Photographer

Abi and Ethan are engaged!!!

I am so excited to be able to share Abi and Ethan’s engagement session with you all!

I first had the pleasure of photographing Abi when she graduated from Auburn High School and then four years later when she graduated from James Madison University! Now I am honored to photograph her next big adventure!

Ethan and Abi first met in high school. They both attended Auburn High School. Abi told me, “we both went to Auburn and even dated a little bit in high school, but we started seeing each other again after graduation and just never stopped!”

The two of them love spending every moment they can together. They still live apart while Abi is finishing her graduate program at Virginia Tech and Ethan is working in Charlotte, North Carolina. When they get to be together they enjoy hanging out with their dog Soka, having a movie marathon, or going hiking/exploring around town. Since Ethan’s move to Charlotte they have been exploring that city a lot!

Abi also shared how Ethan asked her to marry him! She told me, “Ethan took us out to a nice dinner one weekend that I was visiting, we had a really nice day walking around a park in Charlotte and the weather was beautiful. Because we had been talking about getting married for a while now, I kept joking around about getting engaged that day – and he played it off so well! While I was convinced that it wasn’t going that happen that weekend, he was silently freaking out inside. We even ended up getting pulled over on our way to dinner (nothing serious, we just got lost) and I later found out Ethan was so scared that somehow the officer was going to make him take off his jacket and the ring would fall out and ruin everything. After dinner, we went outside by the lake and were talking about the future when he got down on one knee – totally surprising me! After saying yes I ended up spilling my glass of wine all over the outside table (whoops). But we both wouldn’t have had that day any other way, it was perfect.” Have you ever heard such an adorable story??!!!

Now that they are engaged they are super excited to end the long distance!! Abit told me, “We have lived at least 1 or 2 hours apart since the fall of 2016, aside from summer breaks. We are so excited to finally be able to be in the same place at the same time and travel together.” So happy for them!

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