Baby Harrison | Blacksburg Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Welcome baby Harrison!!

I am so excited to share photos of this little cutie with you all! Baby Harrison was born on July 13th at 3:47pm. He was 5 pounds, 14 ounces and 19 inches long! This little guy was so excited to see his family that he came 3 1/2 weeks early!!

Jessi and James are so excited be new parents. They adore their little guy and are just loving every minute of being new parents!

The delivery was “textbook,” according to Jessi. From the time that her water broke to little Harrison’s arrival was 12 hours.

Jessi shared, “It seemed unreal when I first saw him. Harrison was tiny. I didn’t want to break him! Since he was early, we had to stay at the hospital a few extra days to get his temperature and sugar levels to regulate.” Now they are home and he is doing great!

Now that baby Harrison is home, Jessi shared, “It was a huge adjustment for everyone. we were not ready for him. My sister came up from North Carolina and helped prepare our house (like buying diapers, bottles, etc…). I was supposed to have my baby shower that weekend and we had to cancel it because we were still in the hospital. That meant that many things I would have gotten and needed right away we had to buy. Our puppy Betty had the biggest adjustment, but I think she realized he is here to stay :)!!” Isn’t Betty a cutie?? Jessi and James actually have two babies! Ha!

James and Jessi told me that Harrison is a pretty chill baby. “He likes to just watch people” they shared. I thought he was a pretty awesome little man and I enjoyed every minute of meeting him!

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