Allie + Mike | Blacksburg Engagement Photographer | Radford

Allie and Mike are engaged!!

I had the best time getting to know Allie and Mike during their engagement session at Bissett Park in Radford, Virginia! We had met over Zoom during their wedding consult and I immediately knew that these two were going to be so fun to work with! I just love my job!

Allie and Mike shared with me how they first met. Allie shared, “We met at the 2018 Spring Game when I randomly decided to drive up to Blacksburg from Raleigh to tailgate with internet strangers. Mike approached me and his opening line was: “So, about Mass Effect…?” Which is a video game series we both love. We spent the rest of the day tailgating and getting to know each other, which may have led to a spirited game of basketball in Cassell Coliseum during which I knocked his glasses off, never to be seen again, and ripped his pants. We’ve been inseparable ever since!” Ha!!! These two are so fun!

Mike and Allie are very active people who love hiking, biking, kayaking, taking their dogs on walks, and taking them to the lake. They also love going to Virginia Tech (go Hokies!) football and basketball games, day drinking with their friends, and going on weekend trips to the mountains for the beach. They also love to just have downtime together with their two dogs and cat, piled up on the sofa watching a good movie!

I asked Allie to tell me how Mike proposed to her. She told me, “Mike proposed on one of our many excursions to the mountains. We went out to Damascus, VA on a snowy weekend where we had rented a cabin. We spent the majority of the day out at Grayson Highlands State Park in a winter wonderland, taking pictures and enjoying the snow, since we don’t get that much in Raleigh. Eventually, we got cold and hungry, and headed back to our cabin. When we got back, Mike was sitting at the kitchen table, reminiscing about our time spent together and how his life had changed for the better, and I was wondering where he was going with this because I was hungry and suddenly Mike dropped to one knee and proposed!” Of course she said, “yes!”

Now that they are engaged, they are so excited about their future together. They are also super excited about the party they are going to have with all of their family and friends! I can’t wait either! It’s going to be so fun!

I asked Allie and Mike to share the most awesome thing about each other. Allie shared, “Mike is amazing because he is so kind and supportive and he keeps me grounded. I have a tendency to be impulsive, and he helps me to temper that by making suggestions and offering alternatives, while never telling me that I can’t do something.”

Mike shared that Allie is “awesome and is always open to new adventures. We’ve taken up new hobbies together and often go on getaways. She makes me a better person and together we are a great team, and I’m excited to find out what adventures we have in the next chapter in our lives.” So sweet!

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