Anna + Bridget | Radford University Engagement Photographer | Blacksburg

Anna and Bridget are engaged!!!

This session was so much fun! Anna reached out to me about photographing her surprise proposal to her girlfriend at the fountain at Radford University. I think it went off perfectly! And Bridget said, “YES!!”!!!

Bridget and Anna briefly met while at Radford together. Anna was hanging out with sorority sisters and Bridge showed up and Anna couldn’t take her eyes off of her. After that first encounter, Anna and Bridget continued to bump into each other until Anna graduated in 2019. Two years later Anna messaged Bridget on Instagram to see if she wanted to hangout, and the rest is history!

I told you, readers, that this was a surprise engagement session. There is a little twist, however!  Anna had been planning to propose to Bridget for months in Radford by the fountain. She had it all planned and the weekend before BRIDGET ASKED ANNA!  Anna continued with her original plan because they both knew they wanted to experience being proposed to. Through all the downpour and cloudy weather on the day, they were able to get a solid hour of beautiful skies so Anna could ask Bridget to spend their lives together in the place where it all started.

As a couple, Bridget and Anna love to hike with their dogs, explore breweries, workout, travel, and go to the beach. 

I asked Anna and Bridget to share something wonderful about the other. Anna shared that Bridget’s most awesome characteristic is her kindness. Anna shared, Bridget “is the most caring and gentle person I have ever met.

Bridget shared that Anna has an amazing ability to make every single person she meets feel welcomed and comfortable. What a wonderful quality!

I hope you can see from the photos what a fun time we had photographing this proposal and then engagement session! We even got a REAL RAINBOW!!

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