Lizzy + Lucas | Blacksburg Engagement Photographer | Roanoke

Lizzy and Lucas are engaged!!

What a beautiful evening it was when we got together for Lizzy and Lucas’ engagement session recently! Lucas has a beautiful piece of property in Catawba, Virginia that overlooks the mountains. There was a more perfect location for their session!

Lizzy and Lucas me through a mutual friend named Holly.  Lucas was living with two friends, Holly and Jude at the time. Holly, coincidentally, was getting to know this girl, Lizzy, through a mutual friend, Austyn. Before long, Holly and Austyn started secretly brainstorming about setting up Lucas and Lizzy. Both Lucas and Lizzy were single, had mutual friends, and loved to do lots of sports and activities. Fast forward a few weeks and Holly managed to drag Lucas out on the town dancing the same evening Lizzy was out for a girls night. The pair hit it off and started going on adventures and dates and haven’t stopped!

Lucas and Lizzy had a canoe float day planned with their friends Holly, Jude, Austyn, and Tyler. They got to the river bank at Eggleston and no one was there yet. Lucas told them to come late so that he could ask Lizzy to be his “tandem partner for life”, as they love to canoe together! The friends showed up to celebrate and all enjoyed a beautiful celebratory float down the river! What a sweet story!

As you can imagine from the story so far, Lucas and Lizzy have a lot of activities they enjoy together. they like to go biking, cook together, play tennis, play with their sweet pup Nala, go to Hokies sports games, canoe, golf, and dance in the kitchen!

I asked Lucas and Lizzy what they are both excited about now that they are officially engaged. Lucas said “being legally responsible for a dog.” Ha! Lizzy told me “planning a future together!”

Lucas shared with me that his favorite thing about Lizzy is her “infectious enthusiasm.” Lizzy shared that she loves Lucas’ balance of being adventurous and also tender hearted. Can you just tell from this post how perfectly matched his pair is??!!!

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