Anna + Chip | Blacksburg Engagement Photographer | Heritage Park

Anna and Chip are engaged!!!

I recently met up with Anna and Chip at Heritage Park in Blacksburg, Virginia for their engagement session. We had a sunrise session! It was gorgeous and I had a great time getting to know these two!

Chip and Anna met at Virginia Tech. They were just friends throughout their undergrad days but started dating when in graduate school. It took one of their friends encouraging Chip to ask Anna out on a date! It paid off!!!

Anna shared a sweet story about how they really got to know each other! Early on while dating there was a massive snow storm which was perfect for sledding. Unfortunately, Chip lost his car keys in the snow, but that let him spend extra time getting to know Anna. They watched movies and read books which are his favorite things to do!

Anna and Chip enjoy many activities together. They love outdoor activities like running, hiking, and kayaking. When the weather isn’t cooperating for being outdoors, they love to enjoy quiet time relaxing at home reading together.

Now that they are engaged they are so excited to “continue their adventure together as a team!” They are also loving being in the same location! Anna has been working in Florida while Chip has been working in Virginia. They are now both in Virginia and loving their time together!!!

I asked each of them to share something with me about the other and Chip shared, “Anna is incredibly smart and thoughtful. She always amazes me with what she can do when she puts her mind to it.” Ahhh!!

Anna shared, “Chip is super smart, generous, and always asks great questions. He continually impresses me.” So sweet!! 

I cannot wait for their wedding in April!

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