Wiersema | Blacksburg Family Photographer | Hahn Gardens

The Wiersema family!

What an awesome bunch the Wiersema family is! They describe themselves as “kind, loving, and active.” A great trio of adjectives for such a great family!

Brian and Tiffany have three kids: Ben, Jillian, and Sam. As a family they love to go hiking, have barbecues, go swimming, biking, play soccer, cook and bake together, and travel! Wow! What a busy group!

The love to go hiking as family. They especially love the gorgeous hiking trails in the area. They love enjoying a backyard bbq, playing corn hole, and making homemade pizza. Traveling for soccer games, swim meets, and mountain bike races is also a big part of their lives! Tiffany shared that they, “all love the outdoors, hiking, beaches for boogie boarding, and lakes for kayaking, paddle boarding, or just floating!”

Tiffany shared a little about each of her kids. She shared that “Ben loves mountain biking, reading, and playing Xbox and eating!He is a hard working, fun loving young man who is always ready for an adventure!”

“Jillian wants to try evertyhig so she doesn’t miss out. She is independent and the social butterfly of the family! She loves cross country, swimming, baking, and organizing.”

“Sam loves to play soccer, read, play Xbox, barbecue, and nurture everyone. He loves life! He always has a smile and is ready to take care of everyone!”

Brian and Tiffany are such awesome parents, there is no doubt! Tiffany loves baking, traveling, and enjoying every moment of being a mom. Brian loves barbecuing, Hokie football, and hanging out with the kids and reading!

What a great bunch! How about more photos?

More photos!