Arianna + Daniella | Blacksburg Lifestyle Newborn Session | Twins

Twin girls!!!

I was so excited to meet these two gorgeous little ladies! I first got to know their parents, Rosanna and Dan, during their maternity session! These little girls are the sweetest!

Daniella was born on May 15th at 12:00am and Arianna was born at 12:13am! They almost had different birthdays! Daniella was 6 pounds, 11 ounces and 20.25 inches long. Arianna was 5 pounds, 4 ounces and 19 inches long. They are both absolutely PERFECT!!

Rosanna shared the story of these precious babies’ birth. She shared, “We started at Carilion NRV around 7am and ended up being ground transported to Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital around 9am. After spending the day laboring, while watching several episodes of Jeopardy, it was finally time to go to the OR to begin pushing around 9:30pm. Daniella arrived after approximately two hours of pushing and crowning – – we were worried the girls were going to be born on different days, but she ended up making her arrival at 12:00:37 am! Because Arianna was breech, there was a large team of nurses and doctors in the room. Luckily there were no major complications and the attending physician was able to pull Arianna out shortly after her sister, at 12:13am.”

Dan and Rosanna are over the moon with their little ladies. “Relief and appreciation were definitely the two emotions that Rosanna experienced. We were largely able to carry out our birth plan thanks to the amazing team of labor and delivery nurses and doctors, and had two healthy baby girls that we were so excited to meet!” Dan shared.

They are definitely developing their own little personalities too! According to Rosanna, “Daniella loves to be held, and has a big appetite. Arianna is constantly looking around and exploring; she generally is very content, but will definitely let you know when she is hungry!” Love it!

Now that Arianna and Daniella are home, mom and dad are learning the ins and outs of their new life as parents! “We have been able to get into a nice routine with feeding the girls roughly every 3 hours. This has been really important to make sure we have some time to do things like eat and sleep when we aren’t feeding and cuddling the girls. Both girls seem to really enjoy tummy time and being read to, and don’t particularly like being changed,” Rosanna shared.

Okay! Enough words! How about more photos??!!!!