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Introducing baby Owen!!

I had the awesome pleasure of meeting this little man and his awesome family recently. Eric, Emily, Owen, and of course their sweet dog, Ollie, are one perfect little family!

Little Owen was born on May 12th at 12:03am. He was 22.5 inches long and 8 pounds, 2.5 ounces! Since Owen passed his due date (he was nice and comfy with mama!) they planned an induction for May 10. Emily shared, “After 28 hours in labor, Owen’s heart rate kept dropping so we decided to move forward with a c-section. Luckily we didn’t try to stick it out any longer, because when Owen was born the doctors realized his cord was wrapped around his neck 3 times. After being on oxygen for 10-minutes, he was breathing well on his own. He was perfect and healthy.” And this kid is perfect!!!

Emily shared with me that once they saw Owen for the first time they were “overwhelmed with joy and love. It’s amazing how fast we fell in love with him. It was all surreal. We feel very lucky and blessed that he’s ours.”

Now that Owen is home, mama and daddy are getting used to being parents of such an awesome little guy. Emily shared, “everything he does is brand new, and it’s the greatest thing in the world. Although our patience can be thin sometimes with lack of sleep, there’s nothing better than watching the wonder in his eyes as he takes in something new for the first time and begins recognizing us. We’re slowly getting into a routine and it already feels like time is moving too fast.”

Little Owen is absolutely adorable and they are loving getting to know all about him! Emily shared, “Owen has really long legs, but likes to keep them tucked in a little ball. He’s always hungry, and we call him our “hungry, hungry hippo”. He’s genuinely curious about everything and it’s great watching his facial expressions as he figures out the world. He doesn’t like diaper or outfit changes, and lets us know how he feels. He loves the warm water when we give him baths. His brother Ollie (the dog) likes checking in on him and giving him kisses (licks) on his legs and feet – Owen doesn’t seem to mind. We hope they’ll be best friends!” Well, Ollie is ready! He already loves his little brother!

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