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The Artrip Family!

Okay, I am not even exaggerating when I tell you I ADORE this family! We go way back! The first time I photographed them Olivia was SIX MONTHS OLD!!!! How does time fly by so quickly??

I met Adam, Kellie, Olivia, and Elijah at Smithfield Plantation for their family session. Kellie brought her mother, Donna, along too! It is so wonderful to see a family that is so close. Donna is so loved by Kellie and the kids. 

Smithfield was so beautiful. The fall colors are in full display and the trees were gorgeous! This is one of my favorite spots on the Virginia Tech campus in Blacksburg, Virginia.  We had a great time walking around and exploring the grounds.

As a family, the Artrips enjoy being outside, “enjoying life and each other.” The love to travel the world and explore all it has to offer. They go on walks, ride bikes, and play outside. When indoors they love to play board games (Monopoly is their favorite!). The also love to sing their favorite songs together!

Olivia is growing up so fast. I just love this kid. Her sweet smile makes my heart smile. I could just take her home! ;). Don’t worry, I gave her back Ha! Kellie describes Olivia as, “strong willed, independent, and creative She’s going to be a force to be reckoned with and always keep us on our toes. She is also a very loving and fiercely protective big sister to Elijah.”¬†

The last time I photographed Elijah he was six months old! Now he’s running around and telling us how it is! He has a big sister to keep up with! Kellie told me that Elijah “has such a sweet heart that’s always concerned for others, he loves to laugh, and likes to sit back and take it all in. And he loves his trucks and airplanes!” During our session there was a plane that was flying around for the entire time. Elijah was in heaven!¬†

Adam is a great father and clearly loves his family. It is so sweet. Kellie describes Adam as “laid back, always making us laugh, and is definitely more fun at playing than mommy is.” Ha! I do think Adam is fun but don’t let her fool you, Kellie is too!

Donna is a wonderful grandmother to the kids and mom to Kellie. Their bond is so close and a beautiful thing to witness. Kellie told me, “mom is just all around classic. She is patient, kind-hearted and loving to everyone. She is¬†understanding no matter what the circumstance, loving and beautiful. She means everything to me and our family.” I mean… could that have been more beautiful?

I cannot end this post without mentioning more about the wonderful mother, daughter, and wife Kellie is. She is the glue that keeps them all together and that glue is strong. While managing to take care of her family she is also able to maintain this level of kindness and happiness that is remarkable. I have never seen her without that beautiful smile on her face. Kellie is a special person with a heart of gold. I am so glad to know someone like her is in our world :).

Okay! I bet you’d love to see more from this session!

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