Logan | Blacksburg High School Senior Portrait Photographer

Logan is a senior!!

What a cool young lady Logan is!

I had so much fun getting to know Logan as we walked around Smithfield Plantation on the Virginia Tech Campus. 

Logan attends Blacksburg High School in Blacksburg, Virginia. She loves science but also really enjoys art classes. She told me her favorite is the CTE class on graphics! Very cool!

“Outgoing, happy, and energetic” are the words Logan uses to describe herself. I would have to add in confident, poised, and friendly! She had no problem meeting me and putting up with my questions as we walked around her session! I really enjoyed our conversations! She really is a cool young lady!

Logan is a swimmer and competes with H2Okies. She is also on the BHS Lacrosse team and is actively involved in YoungLife. 

I asked Logan what she likes to be doing when not bogged down with school related activities and she told me: “I like swimming. I LOVE hiking. I also like painting and drawing and making things with my hands. I like cooking for people and myself and trying new recipes, and I love growing plants and getting new plants!”

Logan’s favorite TV shows are Criminal Minds and New Girl. She loves a variety of musical styles with a slight preference for “country or Pitbull.”

Now that Logan is looking ahead towards college, she’s thinking about majoring in education or earth science. She hasn’t settled on a college yet but she has lots of options she’s considering!

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