Finer Family | Blacksburg Family Photographer | Smithfield Plantation

The Finer family!

What a fun bunch the Finer family is!

I met the Finers at Smithfield Plantation on the Virginia Tech campus recently for their family session. This is definitely one of the most gorgeous spots in the Blacksburg area. The fall colors are amazing!

Isak and Sandra have the sweetest family! Edvin, Vera, and Sophie are the sweetest kids and have so much fun together!

Sandra and Isak brought the family from Sweden for Sandra’s job and they’ve been enjoying the Blacksburg area. They have been doing a lot of travelling and enjoy that as a family.

“Swedish, adventurous, and sociable” are the words Sandra uses to describe her family. They love to be around people and spend time with friends!

In addition to travelling, the Finers love sports. They like to play soccer, tennis, skiing, snorkeling, gymnastics, horseback riding, and hiking! That’s a busy family! 

I asked Sandra to describe her kids’ personalities to me and she shared:

“Vera with her warm heart and intelligence brings happiness to people around her.”

“Sophie has a creative and a caring personality that creates a true team.”

“Edvin has a wise, positive spirit that, together with his energy ,is a pure joy to be around.”

To say that this session was fun is an understatement. These kids were an absolute pleasure to photograph! Not to mention, adorable!

I have so many photos to share! 

More photos!!