Via Family | Blacksburg Family Photographer | Smithfield Plantation

The Via family!!

I first photographed this awesome family when Caroline was a baby! I cannot believe how time has flown by! She’s so grown up now!

Tommy and Jo (aka “Pop and Grandma”) are the sweetest grandparents. They have such a strong bond with Caroline and it is just wonderful to see! Nancy, Caroline, Pop, and Grandma spend lots of time together!

Nancy describes her family as “loving, loyal, and caring.” They are also a lot of fun to spend time with!

As a family, the Vias enjoy travelling, playing games, eating, and watching movies together. They are a super busy bunch and do many activities. Nancy described that life pulls them in so many directions like work, school, swim, yoga, tennis, and church activities. They really treasure the moments when they have time to pause and enjoy each other’s company.

Nancy describes her father as “a hard worker and a leader. He is also a fun loving guy and always up for whatever crazy idea one of the three of us have!”

Nancy went on to describe Jo, her mom, as being the “rock of the family. Her love for us goes deep and shows it in countless ways.”

Caroline has a very special relationship with her grandparents and it really shows. I loved seeing it! Caroline is a quiet young lady but she is strong! She is a great swimmer and student. She has really grown into a beautiful young woman!

Nancy has a heart of gold and it shows in the way she does everything. I, personally, love that she is always smiling! It’s infectious!

This was such a fun session! How about more photos?

More photos!!