Monty | Blacksburg High School Portrait Photographer

Monty is a senior!!

I cannot believe Monty is already a senior at Blacksburg High School! When I first met her, Monty was about 6 years old! I photographed her family session and now we are at the same location about 12 years later!! How does time pass that quickly??

Monty describes herself as “open-minded, creative, and curious.” Those are some awesome attributes! I wish more people were like that!

At Blacksburg High School, Monty enjoys studying “certain branches of mathematics such as physics and statistics.” She also loves writing. I am not surprised by this, as those were both her strengths when she was a 7th grader in my classroom! It seems like just yesterday!

When not studying math or writing, Monty loves theatre. She participates in theatre at BHS by acting and also working behind the scenes. She was recently inducted into the International Thespian Society! 

In addition to the theatre, Monty enjoys many things in her spare time. Specifically, she loves writing, drawing, and playing video games. She is also an avid birdwatcher, when the weather cooperates!

While Monty has a wide range of musical taste, Lord Huron is her favorite band. She told me that their music “almost makes me feel like I’m living in a dream-like state. It’s incredible.” She also loves watching cartoons more than sitcoms and “vastly prefers animated movies over live-action ones.” Monty’s favorite movie is How to Train Your Dragon. “It’s cheesy, but that movie (and the rest of the series) made a significant impact on my life,” she told me.

While not definite plans have been made, Monty feels she will likely end up going to Virginia Tech and majoring in Cinema. No matter where she ends up, she knows she will be doing something “film related.”

Monty has grown into an awesome young lady. I am so happy I have gotten to watch her grow over the years. She’s something special!

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