Audrey | Blacksburg High School Senior Photographer | Heritage Park

Audrey is a senior!

I recently met up with Audrey at Heritage Park for her senior session. Audrey is a senior at Blacksburg High School in Blacksburg, Virginia.

Audrey describes herself as “witty, kind, and crafty.” She is also a pretty cool person to get to know! I enjoyed learning about her as we walked around Heritage Park for her session.

Audrey likes to student history and science at BHS. She hasn’t yet decided on a college but she has a few options she’s considering!

I asked Audrey about her hobbies and she told me she likes to play the guitar and piano. She enjoys writing songs. Audrey currently volunteers at the Virginia Tech college radio station, WUVT. Her genre that she DJs is jazz!

Audrey’s favorite musical artists right now are Peter McPoland, Del Water Gap, and boygenius. Her current favorite TV show is Law & Order SVU.

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