Baby Hayden | Roanoke Newborn Photographer

Introducing Baby Hayden!!

I have had the distinct pleasure of photographing this wonderful family for many of their milestones. I am so grateful for that opportunity and to them for sharing their journey with me. The first time I met Jennifer at Todd was at Starbucks in Salem, Virginia for their wedding consultation. I knew right away that they were an awesome couple and were going to be so fun to work with. Now we are an engagement session, wedding, surprise to daddy session, maternity session, hospital visit, and newborn session later. Wow! 

Little Miss Hayden

Hayden Michelle Bowyer was born on July 30th at 12:38am. She weighed 7 pounds, 14 ounces and was 21 inches long. Jennifer and Todd were immediately in love. Jennifer told me about the delivery:  “Hayden decided she didn’t want to leave mommy’s tummy, so she needed some encouragement to get labor started. We were brought in on July 29th to begin our induction. It was a very slow and boring process in the beginning, but finally around 11:05pm my water broke on its own and by the time the doc came in to check it was time to start pushing! I pushed for 22min and Hayden made her grand entrance. Daddy cut the cord.” Todd added, “I have a newfound appreciation for my wife who not only carried our little girl for 9+ months but was an absolute champ during labor and delivery.”

The first moment…

When they first saw their sweet little Hayden they were smitten. Todd told me, “I’ve always wanted to be a dad, and with Hayden I now feel complete. When I first held her in my arms and looked upon her sweet face, life just seemed perfect in that moment.”  

I asked Jennifer about that first moment as well. She said, “It is indescribable. I was so overcome with emotions and the love just came pouring in. I had always loved her but holding her in my arms my love had just heightened to a love I never knew was possible.” Isn’t that the sweetest?

Having Hayden at home has been magical. Jennifer told me, “It is Amazing! Hayden is a wonderful baby! She is so alert and recognizes both mommy and daddy’s voices (thanks to all that reading in utero). Hayden loves to snuggle but is starting to show her independence already. There are times she just wants to be on her back or tummy and kick away!”

Now that Hayden is here and everything is super real, Jennifer and Todd are excited to watch Hayden grow and be there for her every step of the way. I have no doubt that they will. They are already perfect parents!

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