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Introducing little Korbyn!!!

I cannot even begin to express how very excited I am to share this sweetie pie with you all!! Jess and Rachael are two of my most favorite people. I seriously adore them. There are just about the most thoughtful and kind women I know. It has been wonderful getting to be a small part of their journey from their engagement session to their wedding to their maternity session and now BABY KORBYN!!!

Isn’t this little lady adorable? I mean….ADORABLE.

Korbyn was born on 8/6/22 and weighted 7 lbs, 1 oz. She was 19 inches long! Korbyn decided to come a little early at 37 weeks. She had the cutest mix of blonde and strawberry blonde hair. She also has perfect dimples! Look!!!

Rachael shared with me the story of Korbyn’s arrival. “Labor was short and fast! Jess’ water broke at home around 2:30 am. We called to make the hospital aware that we’d be coming in later in the morning, hoping to labor at home for a bit. They wanted us to come in to get checked. We arrived around 4 am and Jess was further along than we expected, so they admitted her. Jess progressed very quickly, and Korbyn was born at 5:33 pm. Rachael got to catch her and announce the sex since we were waiting to find out!”

Jess and Rachael were absolutely smitten from the moment they met their daughter. “We both thought she was absolutely beautiful and were so happy to learn who we had welcomed! We were stunned to see her strawberry-blonde hair, but we were so smitten right away! Korbyn made great eye contact with us both right away and that was such a precious moment!”

Now that they are home and loving on their new little lady, they are looking forward to celebrating all of Korbyn’s “firsts.” Rachael shared that she and Jess are looking forward to “first visits with family and friends, first holidays, first giggles, first steps. We’re also excited to introduce her to our favorite things – apple orchards and gardens, live music, camping, and soccer games.” This is one lucky little lady!

Korbyn has been finding her routine as are Jess and Rachael. “We have been soaking up the snuggles and enjoying these sweet moments with her. Jess had a hard recovery and had to be readmitted back to the hospital for a few days, but we are all adjusting well and getting into a good routine. Korbyn has been a dream through it all!”

“Korbyn is such an easy-going, mellow baby. She adapts so easily and made the hospital staff fall in love with her during Jess’s second admission to the hospital. She is just the sweetest little one! She has a way of wrapping her arm around your neck when cuddling that makes it feel like she is hugging you – we nearly die and go to heaven every time.” I mean… how could you not fall in love with this cutie?

Our session even ended with Ranger, the family cat, joining in for a photo! How perfect was this unplanned moment!!!

I hope you can tell how very much fun I had at this session. I adore this family and look forward to seeing them again soon and loving on Korbyn even more!!!

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