Jess & Rachael are Expecting | Blacksburg Maternity Photographer

Jess and Rachael are expecting!!

I cannot tell you how excited I am to work with these awesome ladies again! I had such an awesome time at photographing their engagement and wedding! Now I get to be a part of documenting their first little one’s arrival!! I am so fortunate!!

Rachael and Jess are honestly the kindest people you will ever meet. They are so thoughtful and genuinely enjoy talking with everyone and learning about them. I admire that about them and so does so many other people. They have such a great group of longtime friends. Now they get to welcome a little baby to their home and share that amazing love of theirs with someone else!

Jess and Rachael have decided to wait and be surprised about the gender of their baby! Knowing what amazing planners they are (remember I was a part of their very perfect wedding!!) I found that surprising. They are so excited and do have names picked out!! No, I am not going to share that with you!!! They are awesome names though!!!

I asked them to tell me what they are excited about most as they get ready for the baby. They shared that Rachael is really looking forward to reading to the baby and those first snuggles! Jess is really excited about embracing the new role of motherhood and experiencing all of baby’s “firsts” – first smile, first giggle, first holidays, and first steps. So sweet!

As a family, Rachael and Jess enjoy camping, kayaking, spending time at the river, and going to country music concerts. They shared that they’ve been playing a variety of music genres to the baby and are excited to learn what the baby’s preferences will be! In general, they are also super excited to “see the world through their eyes as we introduce them to our favorite interests/hobbies.” Adorable!!

We met for their session at the Hahn Horticulture Garden on the Virginia Tech Campus. The chose this spot because of its amazing beauty but also because the baby’s nursery is garden/bunny themed! That is perfect and we even saw wild bunnies during the session!

I asked both of them to share with me something they love about the other. Rachael shared that Jess “has the most beautiful and selfless heart – to know her is to love her. She cares deeply and loves big, so I’m glad our baby has her to learn from.” Awwww!!!

Jess shared that Rachael, “has always wanted to be a mother and is so gentle, patient, and kind-hearted; she makes all people feel special, but she saves the best for our little family.” Love it!!!

Okay enough words! More photos!!

More photos!