Kaila + Jake | Blacksburg Engagement Photographer | VT Hahn Gardens

Jake and Kaila are engaged!!!

I had such a great time getting to know Jake and Kaila during their engagement session recently. We met at the gorgeous Hahn Horticulture Garden on the Virginia Tech campus in Blacksburg. All of the flowers and greenery was in full bloom! A spectacular spot for a session!

Kaila shared with me the story of how she met Jake. She shared, “Jake was a bouncer at a local bar while simultaneously working for the suicide hotline. I had just started my nursing career and was out with a few friends to see a local band that our (unknowingly at the time) mutual friend booked. A patron got rowdy and had to be removed by the bouncer (Jake). I must’ve started drooling because our unknown mutual friend at the time intercepted once I left for the night to offer my phone number to Jake as it was pretty obvious I was hooked. We started talking shortly after and never stopped.” How adorable!!!

As a couple Jake and Kaila enjoy hiking, running, thrifting, and spending time with their family and friends. They just love being together!!

Kaila also shared with me the story of how Jake proposed to her! She told me that he had asked her to marry him on a trip to Asheville where they were celebrating their second anniversary together. “We decided to take a trip to the Biltmore Estate, he found a quiet, private spot on the edge of a pond and popped the question.” Of course she said, “yes!”

Now that they are engaged the are excited for their families to merge, spend holidays and vacations together, and “create new traditions as their lives and love evolve over the years.”

Kaila told me that she loves how Jake is a fantastic conversationalist and storyteller. “Jake is the kindest and most empathetic person I’ve ever met. He makes a constant effort to make sure our relationship and my happiness are his priority.” That is pretty perfect, if you ask me!

I am so happy for Kaila and Jake! These are two of the sweetest people you will ever meet and are so happy together. It is perfection!

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