Baby Lydia | Floyd Newborn Photographer

Baby Lydia | Floyd Newborn Photographer

When I got an email from Morgan asking me to come to her home in Floyd to photograph her new baby, Lydia, I was so excited! I had the pleasure of first meeting Morgan and her husband, Logan, right after the birth of their first cutie pie, Claire. That was such a fun session and I just adored this little family! I was so happy to get to see Claire and how much she had grown as well as meet their new precious Lydia!

Morgan used the words “loving, unpredictable, and a bit quirky” to describe her family. I love that! A bit quirky is awesome! Who wants to be boring??!! Not me!

As a family, Morgan and her family like to be outdoors. They enjoying playing sports outside like basketball and tennis. They also enjoy gardening and reading. They would tell you that their favorite things are “anything outdoors!” As for the reading, I witnessed that first hand when little Claire had daddy read to her while mommy, Lydia, and I were in the next room taking photos. I had to sneak back to capture this sweet moment!

Morgan describes Logan as, “a loving father that is super devoted to all his girls. He has a playful side and can do the best voices and imitations. The kids love it!” I could see how much he adored his girls from the moment I arrived. The feeling was certainly mutual as they both (even little Lydia!) adored him right back!

“Claire is shy at first, but quickly warms up and will show off her wild side. She loves to dance and sing. She also loves animals of all types!” Morgan shared. It was fun to see how she has developed into this adorable little person! It didn’t take her long to become my best little buddy and assistant throughout the session. She loved helping me with my bag and all of the baby wraps. She even needed to put a few on both of us! I happily obliged! I mean really, how could I say no to that face?? Love her!

Morgan told me that Lydia seems to be a calm soul. “She’s only a little over three weeks old, so we’ll have to wait to see how her personality develops. She’s very alert and perks up for new sounds. Perhaps she’ll be very curious.” She was so easy going throughout the session so I would have to agree with Morgan! She is one cutie pie too! I hope I will get to see her again soon and learn more about her personality as it comes out even more!

I always ask in my after session questionnaire for the family to tell me about each family member. Morgan did an awesome job telling me about her family but left herself out! I am going to have to fill this in with my observations then! She can escape that easily! Ha! Morgan is a fantastic mom. She has such a calming spirit to her and is so very patient. It is admirable actually. She is the kind of patient momma that makes me think, “I need to work on my momma skills!” Ha! Morgan also encourages her girls to be independent and self thinkers. That was evident with the strong little lady Claire has become. I love a girl that knows it’s okay to have an opinion and curiosity! A girl that will speak her mind! Those attributes come from a strong momma! It was also wonderful to witness how loving she and Logan are to each other and towards their girls. This is one lucky family because of all of the members within it!

Okay! Enough from me! Want to see more photos! I bet you do!!!

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