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Introducing baby Poppy!

I am so excited to share with you the latest member of the Finch family! Little Poppy Eliza was born on March 22nd. She weighed 8 pounds, 1 ounce and was 21 inches long!

Poppy has a wonderful big sister, Alice! She is so loved already and Alice is very attentive to Poppy and wants to be a big helper!

Bryan and Stephanie are so over the moon with their newest addition to the family. Stephanie told me that she and Bryan were “overwhelmed with joy to finally meet our healthy new baby and Alice‚Äôs little sister!”

Stephanie went on to share about her delivery experience. She said, “I was really pleased to be able to have another unmediated birth like I did with Alice, especially since the possibility of delivering vaginally was up in the air when Poppy was breech until about 36 weeks. It was also a goal of mine to spend more time laboring at home this time around, and I only spent about 3 hours at the hospital before delivering Poppy (compared to 16+ hours with Alice!). Bryan and my doula were incredible supports throughout, and I was so lucky to have their help in making this birth experience a positive one!”

Now that little Poppy is home they are quickly adjusting to being a family of four. Their sleep schedule is still being worked out but they are enjoying every minute of their new family. Stephanie shared that “big sister Alice loves to hold Poppy, help with diaper changes, and hang out with mom while she is breastfeeding.”

Little Poppy is such a happy baby. She loves to sleep in mom or dad’s arms and is super snuggly! She is a big eater too! According to Stephanie, she gained a pound in just one week! That is one happy baby!

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