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Milo is going to be a big brother!

Chris and Kelly are getting ready to welcome another little boy into their family! They are so excited!

Kelly describes her family as “happy, curious, and adventurous.” They are a fun bunch for sure! I first met them when Kelly was pregnant with Milo! Now three sessions later we are back together for their this little one!

Chris and Kelly are so excited to watch Milo become a big brother! They are looking forward to seeing what this little guy will look like as well as which kind of temperament he will have. Kelly wonders if he will be like Milo or completely different??!!!

As a family they do a lot of fun things. Kelly told me, “We like going for walks around the neighborhood whenever we can. Milo loves to be outside and to see all the cars! We’ll definitely be doing this as soon as we can as a family of four! We (still) love Disney World! Milo is almost two and has already been to Disney World twice (during a pandemic, no less). We are already planning our first two-kid trip for next year during Disney World’s 50th anniversary celebration, though we are a bit nervous about surviving the car ride down to Florida with an infant and a toddler!”

Kelly shared with me that “At not quite two years old, Milo is already a car enthusiast and usually has a car of some sort with him at all times. He also loves watching Formula 1 races with his Daddy! Milo is very active, and one of his daily games is “Milo race car” where he runs in circles around anything he can find to make a race track! Milo will probably be very excited to teach his brother all about cars.”

Chris and Kelly are two wonderful parents. Kelly shared that since she is an only child, watching Milo and his big brother grow up together and hopefully form a bond and friendship will be a completely new experience.

A fun fact that Kelly shared with me about Chris is that, “Since he was a child, Chris has made up silly songs about everything. He has continued that with Milo, making up songs to make routine activities like brushing Milo’s teeth more fun, and will undoubtedly do the same for the new baby!”

I can’t wait to meet Milo’s little brother!!

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