Ben | Blacksburg High School Senior Portrait Photographer

Ben is a senior!!!

This young man is something special!

Ben is a senior at Blacksburg High School in Blacksburg, Virginia. Despite the unfortunate way the 2020 school year had to end, Ben is positive and looking forward to his VERY bright future!

I have had the pleasure of knowing Ben for many years. If you have read my blogs before you know how much I love seeing former students as young adults about to take on the world. Ben is one of those! I had the honor of teaching Ben back when he was a sweet little sixth grader! I remember him as being one of the kindest kids I had ever met. He hasn’t changed a bit. I think this young man has one of the sweetest hearts I have ever known.

In addition to being an amazingly kind and loving person to his family and friends, Ben is extremely hard working. This is no exaggeration! Ben already has his own business! He has built a business in construction and already has jobs that he works on and is developing his long term goals for his future. Wow! To say his family is proud of him would be an understatement!

It was an absolute honor to get to see Ben again and photograph him during this time of his life. I am so glad I was fortunate enough to know him! How about some more photos!

More Photos!