Rachel & Dani | Virginia Tech College Graduate Portraits

They did it!

What an accomplished couple of ladies Rachel and Dani are! I had so much fun getting to know them during their Virginia Tech graduate portrait session!

Rachel describes herself as “caring, determined, and friendly.” Those are three awesome words for an awesome young woman! Rachel worked hard at school but also enjoyed spending time with friends and family when she wasn’t studying. She loves crime shows like Law and Order and Criminal Minds. She also enjoys comedies like New Girl and Modern Family. Rachel also enjoys going to the gym and doing classes, especially with her friends. She also enjoys volunteering whenever she can.

VT was a great experience for Rachel and she earned a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Information Systems. She is off to start her career with a full-time job working in accounting already! Way to go, Rachel!

Rachel and Dani are not only great friends, they are also sorority sisters in the Tri Delta Sorority!

Dani is also a very accomplished and awesome young lady! She describes herself as, “determined, caring, and hardworking.” Is she ever!! In addition to school, Dani participates in the Global Medical Brigades Club which took a trip to Panama recently! What an awesome experience to be a part of! When Dani isn’t studying she also loves to go hiking, running, and do yoga. Dani’s favorite artist is Halsey and her favorite TV show is The Office.

Now that Dani has finished her bachelor’s degree, she is off to get her masters at VCOM and then to medical school! What an amazing young lady!

It was an absolute honor getting to photograph these two very special ladies. They are off to make their mark on the world!

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