Tori & Victor are Engaged! | Blacksburg Engagement Photographer

Tori and Victor are engaged!!

I want to begin by telling you that I had A BLAST at Tori and Victor’s engagement session! Right away they showed me how fun the two of them are and I loved every minute of it! These two are the best!

How they met…

These two are high school sweethearts! They met on their first day of English class in 9th grade. For most of high school they were just friends but when they were seniors things changed. They told me that it wasn’t until senior year that Victor “got the sense” to ask Tori to prom. And that was the beginning of their beautiful love story!

Victor and Tori enjoy doing many different activities. They love skiing, hiking, biking, playing video games, reading, playing intermural sports and other sports together such as dodgeball, innertube water polo (that sounds AWESOME), flag football, tennis. These two also love to attend VT sporting events. They love trying new things too “even if it pushes one of us out of our comfort zone.” Now that is an awesome pair! #couplegoals! Ha!

The engagement story…

I asked the story of how the question was “popped.” They shared, “Victor had saved enough to purchase an engagement ring just before he and Tori and 6 of their college friends went to New Zealand for a winter break trip. His intentions were to find the best spot in NZ to drop down on one knee. However, on Christmas, the day before they were supposed to leave for their trip, Victor was so excited that he couldn’t wait any longer and asked Tori to be his wife. Victor was able to pull Tori away from the family and Christmas celebrations to go for a walk on her grandfather’s farm and popped the question. Tori walked back in the house to a whole family of smiles and cheers.” Ahhhh!!! I love it!!

Now that they are engaged they are excited about so many things! They love the idea of all of the things that come with marriage like having the same name, address, schedule, finances, vacations, and just living the same life. They told me “there is no greater feeling than knowing that you get to share every part of your life with your best friend.” Oh dear me… best response ever!!!

“Why I love you…”

One of my favorite things to ask a couple is to describe the most awesome thing about the other. Here are Tori and Victor’s responses!

Victor shared, “Tori has the amazing ability to lighten up the darkest of times. Her smile alone makes anything bad seem to fade away into nothing. Her laugh is infectious and her positive attitude radiates out and affects everyone that is around her!”

Tori shared, “Victor always sees the best in people and helps me to do the same. He never fails to go out of his way to make people feel included. He also has an enthusiasm for life that is unparalleled! (so much so that he doesn’t even like going to sleep because he’s too excited about things he wants to do lol) Most of all, he always works so hard to make me feel loved and cherished and like the luckiest girl in the world.”

I am super excited for their wedding this July! How about more photos from their fun engagement sessions in the meantime??!!!

More photos!