Boljonis | Blacksburg Family Photographer | Hahn Gardens | VT

The Boljonis family!!

I recently had the pleasure of photographing the awesome Boljonis family again! The last time I saw this sweet bunch, Arianna and Daniella were tiny newborns! Wow! Time has flown by!

Rosanna and Dan have two sweet little ladies, Arianna and Daniella. They are the cutest and super adorable! Rosanna describes their family with the three words, “twinning, whining, and snuggling.”

We met at the Hahn Horticulture Gardens on the Virginia Tech campus. It was a beautiful day and the plants and flowers were just beginning to bloom! After having to reschedule for many spring rain showers, this day turned out perfectly!

As a family, there are many activities this bunch enjoy together. Dan and Rosanna have always been big readers and enjoy reading together. They particularly enjoyed reading science fiction/fantasy books over the years. Now that they have these two little ladies, they enjoy family reading time! These days they have transitioned to books like Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, Everywhere Babies, The Wonkey Donkey, Pink is for Boys, and Grumpy Monkey. Those are the current favorites. 

In addition to reading, this family has 6 ducks! They enjoy going out to visit and feed the ducks as well as collect their eggs. The ducks and the girls like to play in the creek and as spring is emerging this is the new favorite pastime!

Arianna and Daniella have a newfound love of buses. This has spurred on a new family adventure: driving around Blacksburg and looking for buses! As they are on the lookout they listen to Wheels on the Bus, Ten Little Buses, and The Wheels on Grover’s Bus.

Rosanna shared with me some of the other things they enjoy as a family. She shared, “we love going to the playground and going on the swings, and slides, and are beginning to climb! The girls will even be celebrating their 2nd birthday at the Municipal Park/Hand-n-Hand Playground. We really enjoy going to Wonder Universe in Christiansburg and continue to discover new things to play with each time we go (which is almost every week)!”

In addition to all of these fun adventures the family enjoys, Dan and Rosanna both love to cook, and the girls have been able to start getting involved in the kitchen, though right now they’re mostly good at eating and playing in their play kitchen while we get the food ready!

I asked Rosanna to share a little about each girl’s personality. She shared, “Arianna has a giant personality, both sweet and sassy, often being a trickster and laughing as she runs away. She is good at sharing and loves applesauce and raspberries. Daniella feels deeply, gives the best hugs, and has a smile that lights up your day! She loves meat and bananas and playing with our dog Eevee.”

I hope you can tell from the photos what a sweet and loving family the Boljonis’ are! What a great session this was!

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