Margaryta | Virginia Tech Graduate | Blacksburg Senior Portrait Photographer

Margaryta graduated!

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Margaryta when she and her husband came up from Jacksonville, Florida to celebrate her graduation from Virginia Tech!

Margaryta received her Master’s degree in Information Technology. She is a very determined, caring, and intelligent woman that worked so hard to earn this degree. Now that she is done with her master’s degree she is going to enjoy spending more time with her family. This program took a lot of her time and many sacrifices along the way. But SHE DID IT!!!

Margaryta has always been very passionate about learning technology. She knew that she wanted a graduate degree in the field. She put in a lot of work and graduated from VT with a 4.0 GPA! Way to go, Margaryta!

We had such a great time walking around the beautiful VT campus. We ended at the duckpond and took some photos of Margaryta with her husband, Joseph, as well. They are the sweetest!

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